Alto Stealth Wireless PA (speakers) System Unit
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  • Alto Stealth Wireless PA (speakers) System Unit

    Bought new and used maybe 30 shows a year. This system is awesome! Completely wireless transmitter and two receivers so you can place your speakers anywhere you like! No more wrapping cords or limitations on speaker placement. If you’ve got a 115V plug close to your speaker, you’re good to go. The transmitter has two separate in/outs (stereo or mono) and the transmitters have multiple channels. You can set your mains to one and monitors to the other (daisy chaining the stage runs). You can also buy extra receiver packs for extra speakers or multiple configurations. I’ve used these though walls and at least 600ft line of sight with zero signal interruption or issues. I still have and use one other transmitter and receivers on all my mains/subs, I bought this one for monitors and ended up going with in ears instead so we don’t need it. Works like new and includes: 1- Alto Stealth Wireless Transmitter 2-Alto Stealth Receiver packs plus power cables for all. This system sold for $360 when I bought it new in 2016, and it’s still new...that tells you how good these things are.

    5 month ago

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