Original Phantom Warrior-Medical Model Flashlight
Original Phantom Warrior-Medical Model Flashlight
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  • Original Phantom Warrior-Medical Model Flashlight

    I just tested it and all three lights work (Infrared, Blue and White). Product Description Looking for a tactical military light? Check out this medical emergency light. This is one of our best emergency lights as it features a low signature Phantom White light. Our lights are top-rated tactical flashlights as they feature actual military applicability. This light allows you to treat wounded on the field without becoming a target due to its covert light features. In 2000, the US Army began issuing this flashlight to all combat medics. Medical personnel on the battlefield need to be able to treat their wounded accurately and effectively without making themselves a target for enemy snipers. Enter the unique design of this top-rated tactical flashlight. This original medical version includes low signature Phantom White, cobalt blue, and infrared, making it one of the best emergency lights available. At Phantom Lights, we understand the importance of high-quality military lights. Specifications: One handheld light Comes in solid black

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